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Conservation & Regulation CommitteeConservation, regulations and reform at all levels is and will remain a priority mission on the part of the ACA and its membership. This committee will be tasked with creating policies and objectives to ensure our nation's fisheries remain prioritized and protected. Additionally, the committee will be responsible for creating subcommittees in states throughout the nation to cause change and protection where needed.Committee Seats: Up to 7 (+ State Subcommittees)COMMITTEE/CONREGCONREG
Education & Public Seminars CommitteeEducating the public to the sport of catfishing will be an important part of the ACA. The members of this committee will be tasked with creating information to excite and teach those about catfishing- - habitats, species, conservation and how enjoyable the sport of catfishing can be. Additionally, the committee will be tasked with organizing a group of capable speakers that can teach others through event seminars.Committee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/EDUPUBSEMEDUPUBSEM
Ethics and Sportsmanship SubcommitteeThe Ethics and Sportsmanship committee will be tasked to develop a code of ethics and sportsmanship code of conduct policy designed for ACA members to abide by. The members will be responsible for occasional adjustments as well as enforcement when deemed necessary. This committee will also serve as a dispute moderator and report findings and make action recommendations to the ACA Advisory Council when required.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/ETHSPOETHSPO
Events, Contest and Awards SubcommitteeAll sorts of events, award programs and contests will be just one of many great benefits of being part of the ACA. The Events, Contest and Awards committee will be tasked to create and administer an array of these programs. As an example will be to to secure various giveaways for various contests that will take place through social media, within ACA publications, at select ACA events and on the ACA website.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/EVECONAWAEVECONAWA
Industry Alliance & Relations SubcommitteeLike any organization, establishing a network of alliances, understanding and respect remains paramount. The Industry Alliance and Relations committee will be tasked to create and nurture the relationships between the sport of catfishing, its members and affiliates with the fishing industry. This will include brands, retailers, distribution organizations, other associations, events, etc..Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/INDALLRELINDALLREL
Marketing and Promotions CommitteeMessaging will be a vital aspect of the everyday efforts of the ACA. The Marketing and Promotions committee will be responsible for developing promotional assets that can be used with and by an array of mediums. Brochures, social media, print ads, TV/internet promotional videos, audio promotions, email marketing and much more will need to be created, developed and formalized for implementation from this important group.Committee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/MARPROMARPRO
Member Benefit Programs SubcommitteeThe members of the ACA will be the catalyst of success and the committee for Member Benefits will be tasked with securing and administering an array of benefit programs available and/or included with the ACA members programs. Everyday discounts to commonly used services to insurance programs will be targeted advantages for members.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/MEMBENPROMEMBENPRO
Membership Recruitment and Retention CommitteeMembership will be the greatest asset of the ACA. The Membership Recruitment and Retention committee will be responsible for developing and implementing programs and incentives to attract and retain the valued members, sponsors, guides and affiliates of the ACA. Additionally, the committee members will be asked to oversee the creation of expo exhibits and recruit and train volunteers to man the ACA boothCommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/MEMRECRETMEMRECRET
Organization Affiliations SubcommitteeThe Organization Affiliation Committee will be tasked with developing and implementing various plans and programs to reach out to the nation's conservation groups and local and regional clubs. The objective would be to create a win/win on becoming an affiliate organizations of the ACA. With that accomplishment, the ACA can be a unifier by lending the support of the ACA towards the efforts of these outside organizations.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/ORGAFFORGAFF
Political Action & Government Relations SubcommitteeEffecting significant change must result with local, state and/or federal laws and policies being installed. The Political Action & Gov. Relations (PAC) must be a powerful and capable group of leaders that can set a precise direction and execute a plan of action to effect the necessary changes needed to enhance conservation while elevating the sport of catfishing and its valued members.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/POLACTGOVRELPOLACTGOVREL
Professional & Legal Advisory CommitteeGiven the estimated size of the ACA organization and the many public and business aspects of the ACA efforts, the Professional and Legal advisory committee will be asked to assist/advise the ACA its various committees and its membership the best course of action to achieve a common goal. This committee will need accomplished experts in the legal, accounting, insurance and government professions to best provide precise determinations, recommendations, implementations and final outcomes.Committee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/PROLEGPROLEG
Public Relations & Communication SubcommitteeEffective communication to the public and membership will be a very important responsibility by this vital committee. The Public Relations committee will be responsible for drafting and delivering ACA information, ACA newsletters, publications, ACA events and advancements, announcements, news and photo indexing and archives and media relations.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/PUBRELCOMPUBRELCOM
Scholarship & Charitable Foundation CommitteeThe ACA will remain steadfast with a commitment to give back to the community it serves. The Scholarship and Charitable Foundation will be tasked to create a scholarship program for young anglers to be awarded each year. Secondly, the committee will be asked to create and administer a charity program to be used to donate to worthy causes that may include membership tragedies or illnesses, family and children's services, veterans and the homeless.Committee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/SCHCHAFOUSCHCHAFOU
Techniques & Product Review SubcommitteeThe goal of the ASA will be to create and present all sorts of great tips and techniques that could benefit everyone from the novice to the pro. The task of this committee will be develop video presentations detailing various ideas. Additionally, the committee will be asked to produce various video and photo reviews of current and new products that the membership will find of interest.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/TECPROREVTECPROREV
Tournament Alliance CommitteeWhether you represent a local club with a single event or a national event that hosts hundreds of teams and anglers, you're invited to be part of the Tournament Alliance. The goal of this committee is to form an alliance and assist the many events that take place around the country with conservation efforts, rule suggestions, event coordination, sanctioned and award programs, promotional efforts, sponsorship alliances and angler enjoyment.Committee Seats: Open/UnlimitedCOMMITTEE/TOUALLTOUALL
Youth Programs SubcommitteeGetting the young excited about the sport of fishing has to remain a focus of the ACA. The Youth Programs committee will be asked to create youth education programs. mentorship programs and event activities designed to excite and motivate. Additionally, it is the objective to encourage and teach about the importance of conservation, sportsmanship, safety on the water as well as equipment and techniques.Subcommittee Seats: Up to 7COMMITTEE/YOUPROYOUPRO

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